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If you are looking for reliable contractors to take care of your property’s restoration from fire, water, and mold damage, turn to none other than Troy’s Restoration Inc. Aside from our signature services, we also offer carpet cleaning for your home or business establishment.

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Whether your property was affected by inclement weather, faulty pipelines, or malfunctioning appliances, we can take care of the resulting water damage. This means that we can handle everything from your soaked furniture and fixtures to the drenched carpets and other items.


As dangerous as a fire is, this disaster can leave your property structurally compromised. Fortunately, our team is trained to provide the essential services to address the fire damage in your property. We are committed to restoring your house or workplace to its condition before the incident happened.



Mold can easily infest your property when a water source is introduced. It can then spread quickly, producing spores that may contaminate the indoor air quality and cause various health issues. As a solution, you can rely on us for our mold remediation and testing services. We can also provide you with mold lab tests so we can accurately assess your situation. We offer full mold testing with detailed lab results with a 25-page report on your air quality